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Computer Problems - Peter Speck

I feel compelled to offer you an explanation of the predicaments/complications I've encountered during the past two months chronologically:

1. Late December 92 - Purchased Trendx

2. Early January 93 - Purchased new 486/33MHZ/213MB etc, computer system and modem to run Trendx

3. Early to mid-January 93 - a. Modem wouldn't function; b. Modem (FAX Type) would not connect to CSI; c. Computer store had incorrectly internally set jumpers wrong on initial set-up - hence modem would not call out.

4. Returned computer to store for investigation and repair of modem problem - after several days of trail/error, changes, etc. to no avail got modem operational (mid-January 93 plus 3-4 days)

5. Retrieved computer from store - modem internal switches supposedly now operational and set correctly. However, CSI computer would not connect with my FAX modem and transfer data. After further consultation and resetting some commands recommended by CSI, still no go.

6. After several more frustrating days with numerous attempts with the FAX modem (FAX & comm modem more specifically). I finally removed the FAX/com modem and replaced it with a 1200 baud (commonly no FAX) modem I had at home. Low and behold, it worked and connected with CSI computer and downloaded data - a very bright day. (Now I'll not throw the $3,000 system out the window). (CSI indicated FAX TYPE MODEM wouldn't operate with CSI system).

7. Several days TRENDX worked, getting signals following with my normal manual analysis in parallel to gain insight as to TRENDX trading scheme. (One needs to do that daily to gain confidence before putting $$ on the line). Things were working for about a week. HAPPY!

8. Very early February 93 weekend, Sunday, operating TRENDX for familiarity, reading manual, trying different options - all of a sudden everything shut down - Bottom Line - Lost HARD DISK - everything is gone - high degree of frustration. "I bought this system and software to save time. All it has cost me is $$ and additional time devoted to get it operational, yet I still had to continue my manual analysis to keep up with the markets."

9. Took computer back to store - they replaced HARD DISK - assumed all was OK. I brought home and then - modem which had worked, again would not operate. Several days of further consultation with computer store and CSI to try to get operational, ended in fruitless effort and failure.

10. I had called Trendx, to inform him of my problems in obtaining old data and he indicated that he would send me additional software updated parameters and data. Installed update upon receipt.

11. Mid-February 93, I had to return computer to store to troubleshoot Modem not operating (note @9., I purchased a tape backup system, to backup all files, programs, data, etc., in case I again lost hard disk. Loss of all on hard disk results in insurmountable problems w/loss of data, software, etc. and time consuming to install everything). When hard disk replaced, several jumpers were not correctly installed/set, hence the reason the modem would not operate.

12. February 12, 93 - I retrieved the computer from the store and supposedly all is OK. I had them checkout operations w/CSI and download data before taking system home. I'm very frustrated and tired of dismantling system. What a nightmare this has been, and I'm sure other obstacles lie ahead.

I've only been able to operate the TRENDX program for about 1-week since I've received it. I've not made one "DIME" so far, but I've spent >$4,000 for the system, software and data. The cost to me emotionally cannot possibly be valued and measured -but I am "fit to be tied."

None of this is Trendx's "fault" all the circumstances of course are unfortunate. The hard disk failure is extremely unfortunate, but the other problems are human interface with components in the computer and lack of attention to details I'm sure, from people at the Computer Store. I'll have to chalk that up to "life" or "that's life." Quality of service is a rare commodity.


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