Soy Bean Oil Commodity Trading!

A good time to look at trading in Bean Oil, Corn, Soybeans and the Grain Markets is today . . . This is a soybeans, bean-oil and grain market commodity market traders information source!

If you wish to learn more about the grain markets (including the soy bean oil market) and other exciting futures markets including the dynamic copper, silver & gold futures market and forex trading, we suggest you visit our commodity trading personal consultation service information source by paying a visit to Ken's Commodity Trading Organization, featuring Ken the "commodity trader" - which traders knowledge can help you trade soybeans and the commodity futures markets for profit.

What is the term "bean oil" primarily used for? Commodity traders in the Chicago Board of Trade Soybean Oil futures market typically refer to that commodities market as Bean Oil more commonly than the official CBOT market name of Soybean Oil, with BeanOil and the "soybean complex" being one of the important Chicago Futures Market CBOT categories.

Soy Bean oil, soybean meal and soybean traders trade the soy-bean markets by accessing their soybean trading system which is widely used by soybean traders because it's mechanical and relies more on technical analysis vs difficult to understand and analyze fundamental analysis, based on market fundamentals like crop growing conditions, weather, supply and demand issues.

bean oil Commodity Futures Markets

With conventional energy and fuel prices raising constantly, so too is futures trading interest in the energy markets such as Bean suggests buying green alternative fuel energy source products...go-here renewable sources of energy including soy-based bio-diesel and other bio-mass products made from corn and other grains, including switch-grass. More than 60 major diesel-powered fleets around the nation now use as much as a 20-percent blend of soy-based bio-diesel with regular diesel fuel.

Soy Bean Oil production chart courtesy of Chicago Board of Trade

A gas station in San Francisco is the first to offer pure bio diesel to motorists. The bio diesel pump - the result of a partnership between Olympian Inc., World Energy Alternatives and CytoCulture has opened. A similar gas station in Sparks Nevada is offering 100-percent bio diesel, and as well as B20, a blend of 20-percent biodiesel and 80-percent diesel.

Bio diesel is a cleaner-burning alternative fuel that can be burned in any diesel vehicle with little or no engine modification. Bio diesel and biodiesel blends, which have been successfully tested over more than 40-million miles, are being used by more than 80 major fleets nationwide.

Bio diesel fuel can be produced from any fat or vegetable oil ... most U.S. bio diesel is made from soybean oil - through a refinery process called trans esterification. Corn (also known as Maze, especially in foreign markets) is a primary source of renewable energy and alternative fuel used by E85 Powered Cars and in E85 Powered Trucks, which alternative fuel vehicles are expected to become common in the years ahead. Click-here for Trading Tip of the Day.

There is a new soybean product based paint stripper. Soy Gel is a safe, effective alternative to the hazardous methylene chloride, a traditional paint stripper. Soy Gel is nontoxic and biodegradable, reduces offensive odors that traditional paint strippers emit, removes multiples layers of paint in a single application, and reduces time and labor costs.

Another use for soybean oil is as a feedstock for farmers. However, of course bean oil's major consumer use is a vegetable oil for cooking and popular ingredient in all kinds of foods, including frozen food, deserts and cookies (even rich tasting but healthy soy ice cream), and prepared foods of all types.

For a delicious and healthy treat spread ginger butter on low-fat extra-firm tofu, fried until golden-brown using Pam Spray.

Soybean Oil trading historical monthly futures chart courtesy of Chicago Board of Trade (CBOT)
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