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The Mission of ChinaYuanRenminbi a division of our Webtrading Traders Portal website is providing China Futures Exchange traders with needed knowledge for trading "China Yuan Renminbi" or fx forex and futures markets, stocks and stock indices markets for making money trading financials. China Yuan Renminbi trading is a fast growing market which is popular with Asian financial market traders and other traders in other nations too. "Chinese Yuan Renminbi" currency trading is believed to be one of the top-3 world currency markets rivaling in trading volume U.S. 30-Year T-Bonds and the U.S. S&P market, which at times will display similar price action.

The China Yuan Renminbi is rapidly becoming more and more widely traded internationally as time goes by. In fact, Yuan/Renminbi trading is believed to be one of the top-3 world currencies being traded. The Yuan currency is also known as "RMB" and trades (with approval of the China Foreign Exchange Trading System and China Government) against a number of world currencies including US Dollar, Singapore dollar, Russian ruble, Japanese yen, Malaysian ringgit, British pound, New Zealand and Australia's dollar and Euro.

The Yuan Renminbi has been in a major bull market over the past few years with the help of a strong Chinese economy. Direct yuan-renminbi (RMB) trading in China's interbank foreign exchange market between the Chinese Yuan and other world currency markets via spot-market trading, forward-contracts and swaps. Beijing wants to substitute the Yuan Renminbi in place of the US dollar involving China's trading with the major international currencies.

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To make the Yuan stronger internationally, China has also signed currency-swap deals with more than two-dozen foreign monetary authorities, including Yuan-Renminbi currency clearing-house exchange service in London, Singapore, Seoul, Frankfurt, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macao, Luxembourg and Paris.

An interesting and potentially profitable futures trade could involve spread-trading "ChinaYuanRenminbi" against other markets like the popular U.S. Ultra TBond futures and Ultra TBond options contracts which futures markets offer traders a good way to invest, trade or hedge using treasury-bond interest rate futures or stock indices. Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) Ultra T-Bonds are said to be the fastest growing interest rate futures contracts ever introduced by any commodity futures exchange.

China-Yuan-Renminbi trends, market action and patterns are related to other interest-rate futures. However, there can also be occasional sharp differences in price behavior which can also bring hedge-trade profit possibilities. China Yuan Renminbi and Treasury Bond trading involves high "notional value" when trading currency futures, options and foreign exchange forex markets. That's because a very small amount of account equity controls a very large open trade position bringing major profit and loss potential for traders and day traders, along with traders who are hedging currency and the FX markets.

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We Can Offer You a Powerful Futures Trading System Based on Unique and Sound Trading Principles for Profitable Ultra Treasury Bond Trading Success!

We have a new trading system which uses sound trading techniques to help you make money trading the commodity futures markets. Our China foreign currency system is relatively simple to use and understand but at the same time powerful. It's the best trading methodology we have developed to signal valid buy or sell signals.

This China Yuan Renminbi trading system is based on a bear market consisting of mostly a series of lower-high swings but conversely a typical bull market consists of a series of higher low swings or pivots.

A higher-swing-low pivot is a low day with higher prices both in front and behind the low pivot, thus it forms a new swing-low. The swing-low pivot point must also be above the prior swing-low which forms a higher swing low pivot point.

A lower-swing-high pivot is a high day with lower price bars both in front and behind the high price bar which formed a new swing-high. This new swing-high pivot must also be below the prior swing-high to form a new lower swing-high pivot-point.

To in-effect start making-money by successfully trading China-Yuan-Renminbi or other currency markets, including Ultra Tbond, it is important to understand when, where and how and to set a trade target price to take profits. Your must also know where to place an effective stop loss order to protect you if the trade turns against you. We always recommend you use our unique and proprietary Drawdown-Minimizer-Logic™ for powerful trading loss-limitations.

When our drawdown minimizer logic is used in Chinese currency or stock futures trading, 'DML' can reduce large losses and broker account drawdowns based on "adverse trade excursion" techniques.

Selling-the-market after a lower "Swing-High" pivot has occurred or buying-the-market after a higher "Swing-Low" pivot-point can be nicely profitable when the method is combined with our other unique and sound trading rules.

Buying and selling swing lows and swing highs in and of itself may or may nor be successful but it's much improved when combined with our drawdown stop loss method. We highly recommended trading China Yuan and other markets using Drawdown Minimizer Logic© methodology a to set valid stop-loss protection at effective price areas.

You can contact webtrading and ctcn us to get on our system waiting-list) to be able to trade the markets using our new Ultra T-Bond trading system. Then you can trade these techniques and methods in combination with other necessary and powerful trade methodology we will provide you, including our proprietary "drawdown minimizer logic" scientific stop-loss method.

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